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AirCraft Painting

We have the experts in house!

AirCraft Painting

With state of the art facilities and our amazing in house staff you can be sure that your paint job is done professionally and efficiently.

Paint makes a statement about the aircraft and the person who owns or operates it. Our professional staff & equipment makes sure it’s perfect just for you!

As an FAA certified FAR Part 145 Repair Station, our applicable certification documents and logbook entries will maintain the integrity and value of your aircraft records.

At Flying T Repair Station, our reputation is the most valuable asset we have, and it’s built on quality of work and being truthful, with that in mind, we believe we are the best wing and control surface rebuilding facility for your needs. We pride ourselves on the ability to respond quickly, quote accurately and fairly and most of all, deliver the highest quality.

Specializing in wing repair, re-skinning and paint, we understand that qualify of work in imperative to not just your cosmetics, but the integrity of your aircraft. We are conveinently located in North Texas, and we are recognized for upholding the best practices in our industry. Call us today and let us prove to you what sets us apart as a FAA Certified Repair Station, and you’ll understand the Flying T difference.