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FAA Certified Repair Station Tips on Safety

FAA Certified Repair Station Tips on SafetyAs a FAA Certified Repair Station, it is our goal to complete timely repairs and service complying with the Federal Aviation Administration and our own Component Maintenance Manuals.  Taking time to ensure that each repair be done to spec and with the care necessary to remain in line with FAA guidelines is no easy task, but with the proper attention to detail and desire to provide timely repairs our certified repair station does just that.

An essential part of doing a good job is making sure we remain safe within those tasks and here are a few points on how this can be done.

Shop Safety

In order to complete repairs, meet deadlines and make everyone happy any shop must first observe safety.  One main way to do that is to keep tools and hardware put away, and dirt and debris swept up.  All tooling and equipment have a home and maintaining tool boxes and cabinets that house all tools will keep us working more efficiently and safer.  Proper signage directing floor personnel to equipment storage, dangerous equipment or hazardous storage is key to keeping the shop safe as well as postings for proper evacuation.

Electrical Safety

Wherever electrical equipment is used proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be worn at all times.  The technicians must have a proper knowledge of electriarcity and a healthy respect for its capabilities as well as understanding hazardous materials.  Utilizing Material Safety Data Sheets when necessary and understanding where first aid stations are located, as well as following safety guidelines for lock out/ tag out and fire safety protocol becomes paramount in the event of an electrical or material hazard.

Flight Line Safety

The Flight Line is a place where many dangerous activities are taking place.  Hearing protection is a must as the noise on a flight line surrounds the technicians, from fuel trucks, APUs, baggage handling and other equipment.  This is one small area of safety need and there are many others that we will not go into here for lack of space and time.  Always consider the other airplanes and helicopters that are present and use all five senses to maintain the utmost safety of your personnel and yourself.

Overconfidence in any circumstance will place workers in harm’s way.  Immediate communication is required to protect the shop and others if an area of concern is ever noticed.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about what we do please contact us and we will be sure to address your needs as best we can.

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