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About Flying T Repair Station

We Give You Peace of Mind!

When you fly there are many variables to deal with constantly:
Weather, navigation, communication, fuel management, obstacles, passengers, and more. To maintain your AirCraft our experienced FFA Certified facility will give you peace of mind.

The last thing you need is a nagging feeling that perhaps your equipment is not as reliable as it should be!

At Flying T Repair Station we are pilots too. We understand that in performing inspections or effecting repairs we’re not just attending to a piece of equipment. We’re working on a delicate piece of finely engineered machinery designed to carry you, your family and your friends through the sky both safely and reliably.

Feel free to discuss with us all aspects of your inspection and repair requirements.
Our highly experienced management team and dedicated technicians will be able to answer your questions clearly and directly.


Our 35 years of experience ensures your work will not only be completed on time, but will also be done professionally.

As an FAA certified FAR Part 145 Repair Station, our applicable certification documents and logbook entries will maintain the integrity and value of your aircraft records.

Our rural location and high quality of life allow us to keep overhead low. David Thibodeaux is an A&P / IA and ATP rated pilot who has built this business over the years by delivering excellent quality at a fair price.