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What Should I Know About Aircraft Painting

aircraft-paintAt Flying T Repair Station we are sometimes asked if there are regulations about color
when it comes to aircraft painting. Simply put, as long as you don’t use any trademark or insignia that you are not entitled to, then you can paint it any color you like! FAA regulations define how to mark your aircraft, but say nothing else about the style of painting. There are three significant things to think about when considering painting your aircraft.

Resale value. You may like bright yellow with red stripes, but what is the market for that particular combination when it comes time to on-sell? Most aircraft are painted white or a simple pastel color, as these are the ones that most people will be looking for. There are clear exceptions to this, and the most important thing is that it be appropriate.

Safety & Comfort. Safety is always a top priority, and painting is no exception. While a dark color may be striking, there is a danger that it might make leaks on the underside harder to see, and so delay remedial action. Anecdotal evidence from pilots also suggests that aircraft painted in dark colors become a lot hotter than their lighter counterparts. This is certainly something to consider, especially in the Texas sun.

Professionalism. When it comes to your plane, you don’t just want a general painting contractor completing the job. You should always make sure that your aircraft is looked after by qualified technicians in an FAA Part 145 Repair Station.

We are pilots at Flying T Repair Station, and we understand that we are not just painting a piece of equipment. Your finely engineered machine is designed for both safely and reliably and we want you to get the best you can from your investment.

Just contact us to talk about all aspects of your repair and maintenance requirements, and our management team and dedicated technicians will do all we can to answer your questions.

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