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The Importance of Using an FAA Certified Repair Station

The Importance of Using an FAA Certified Repair StationBeing an FAA Certified Repair Station is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, an it’s something that is extremely important for anyone looking to have their plane repaired.  Why?

Because getting certified isn’t easy.  While this means a lot of applications, inspections, and paperwork for the shop, for the customer it means knowing that repairs will be done properly.  After, having the knowledge from a trade school is important, but you want someone with experience repairing your wing, right?

All of that is great, but what does being ‘certified’ mean?  The 14 step process is outlined by the FAA here, but to simplify:

  1. Pre-application
  2. Formal Application
  3. Document Compliance
  4. Demonstration and Inspection
  5. Certification

Of particular importance to you as a customer is the “Demonstration and Inspection”.  Unlike many certifications outside the industry, showing (actually proving) to inspector that all mechanics are proficient is required.

That means peace of mind for you while you get your plane worked on.  They’re such a big investment, but more importantly; your safety is paramount.  When you’re several thousand feet above the ground you won’t be thinking about the cost, and hopefully you won’t be thinking about your safety either.  That’s the point of getting your wing fixed at a certified station.

When you’re in the air, you shouldn’t have to think about whether or not your plane will fly properly, just where you’re flying to.  Make sure to use a FAA Certificated Station, and enjoy fling with peace of mind.

We have over 35 years experience, and we used to be pilots.  Just contact us if you need someone that understands just how important your repair can be; we’re happy to help.

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